CBSE NEET UG 2018 FAQs [updated]

Neet 2018

NEET 2018 Eligibility Related Queries

Qs. I have passed 12th from open school. Now I am not eligible. What should I do?

NEET 2018 Application Fee Related Queries

Qs. I have paid application fee in NEET 2018 application form, but confirmation page is not generating. What to do?

Ans. In NEET 2018 application form, confirmation page generates only after fee is received by NIC portal. If candidate has paid fee and confirmation page is not generated then he/she should try to get it in next 24 hours by when, fee may get updated. Whether fee is updated or not depends on the payment gateway and it usually takes place within 24 hours.

But if status is still not changed then pay fee once more and then take printout of confirmation page. Excess fee will be refunded automatically to account.

Qs. I have paid fee two times. When will additional fee get refunded?

Ans. If fee is not updated then it will be refunded within 7 working days. Fee refund is handled by baml. Refunded amount will come to the same account from which payment was made.

Qs. Application form of NEET 2018 has been filled but step 3 (payment) is not available.

Ans. Login to candidate login. Enter username and password to do so. Once logged in, you can see step 3.

Qs. Unable to make payment through net banking, what to do?

Ans. If for some reason you are not able to pay fee using net banking then you may use other modes: credit card / debit card, e-wallet.

Qs. What is proof that application fee has been paid and how to get proof of fee paid?

Ans. Generation of confirmation page means that fee is paid. Also, in lower portion of confirmation page, fee details and transaction ID are available.

NEET 2018 Application Form Name Related Queries

Qs. As a ward of a single parent, only mother’s name is there in Aadhaar card. There is no name of father in Aadhaar card. What to do?

Ans. Mention father’s name as “XXXX” if father’s name column is blank in Aadhaar card.

NEET 2018 Application Form Submission Related Queries

Qs. Session expired problem – When I am submitting form, after some time my session is expired before submission.

Ans. 30 minutes is maximum time for form submission. If candidate is taking more time than that to fill form then session gets expired.

To avoid it, first submit one part of form then save it as draft. Repeat this for all parts.

Qs. What should a citizen of Nepal without Aadhaar card or passport number do?

Ans. Any government identity proof will be accepted.

Qs. I am trying to upload photograph and signature after taking photograph from mobile. It is not being updated.

Ans. Open photoshop and open photograph in it. Then save it as jpg and try to upload again.

NEET 2018 Application Form Correction Related Queries

Qs. I have written wrong category. What to do?

Qs. I have interchanged names of parents in form. What to do?

Qs. I have mentioned wrong qualifying code. What to do?

Qs. I want to change examination city. What to do?

Important: Application form correction of NEET 2018 to take place as per schedule.

Qs. Photograph without name and date has been submitted. How to change it?

Ans. Candidates cannot update photograph now. CBSE will accept photograph without name and date if otherwise correct.

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