How to score above 550 in NEET 2018 in 3 months – Study plan

Neet 2018

NEET 2018 is a decisive exam for you. You are not alone, there are around 12 lakh students who are in your boat. These last 3 months are crucial for each of you to have a solid study plan to score above 550. It can be done with proper planning, dedication, and hard work. If after coming so far, you are feeling lost and panicked, calm down and take a deep breath.

Why 550?

One question that candidates often ask is the minimum NEET score to get admission to a government college. While there is no saying what this score could be in the future, past trends suggest that a score of 550 at least is needed to secure a seat in a government college for MBBS.

This is how you can score above 550 in NEET 2018 in 3 months

1. Let’s get one thing straight – you need to ace Biology.

If you are planning on becoming a doctor tomorrow, saving people’s lives, then today you need to be perfect in biology.

In NEET 2018, you will face 90 questions in biology. That means you can score maximum 360 marks, accounting for 50% of the score. Half of it would be on botany and rest half would be zoology.

You can easily score above 300 in Biology, by mastering NCERT biology books.

When you are studying a chapter from NCERT, make notes. If you have come across any useful tip about a topic in any other book, then make a note out of that on a sticky note, and stick that on that chapter on your NCERT book. This way during revision you can refer the notes for exam from one place only, instead of jumping from one book to another.

5 things you must do to revise biology for NEET in 3 months

  1. See, understand, memorize all diagrams with labellings.
  2. Revise NCERT from beginning to end.
  3. Jot down important points – most often asked in exam – in one place.
  4. Also jot down things you keep forgetting in one place.
  5. Practice MCQs chapter-wise, and also solve past year papers, sample papers.

2. To score 550+ in NEET, you need a 120+ in Physics

I overheard a teacher once telling her students, “Biology will help you qualify, Chemistry will help you score and Physics will help you ace the exam.”

This cannot have been better put.

There are two types of questions in physics: (i) formula based (ii) conceptual.

Thus, to ace the physics section, you need to do two things.

  1. Read, write, revise all formula.
  2. Understand all concepts well.

Mechanics, thermodynamics and kinetic theory, electrodynamics, optics and wave optics, modern physics are really important, contributing to the majority of the paper.

📖 Handbook of physics 📖 is a good book to revise physics for NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER in last 3 months.

3. Now, we come to Chemistry revision for NEET to score 550+ in NEET

Chemistry – physical, inorganic, organic – has a slightly different approach.

A common myth is that inorganic chemistry should be studied in the end as it involves mugging, but mostly it does not help if you study like that. How much ever you try to mug up a complete section of chemistry towards the end, it will not be easy to remember everything on exam day. So, be regular with all of chemistry.

Physical chemistry requires remembering formulae, knowing where to apply them, and be quick in calculations. Rather than doing only easy questions while preparing, attempt really tough ones during preparation.

📖 P Bahadur 📖 for Physical Chemistry is a bible for most NEET aspirants. So surely practice questions from there.

Inorganic chemistry, as suggested earlier, should be done consistently. Yes it does involve memory skills, but also it helps a lot if you understand why something is happening rather than just trying to remember it.

that’s the beauty of science, things don’t just happen, there is a logic behind everything.

So grasp that logic and study inorganic chemistry.

Organic chemistry, in my opinion, is beautiful!

Start with NCERT to understand OC, then practice questions from books such as 📖 Himanshu Pandey 📖, 📖 Dinesh Objective Chemistry 📖.

Although NCERT is sufficient, if you have problem understanding anything in organic chemistry for NEET, refer Modern ABC.

I am sure you will score above 550 in NEET. And not just 550, you will score even more than 600.

there is nothing that toppers do different from others. they become toppers by doing the same thing differently.

Those who top NEET have consistently proved that they worked really hard for it. There was no shortcut.

Each topper studied diligently over two years. And towards the end, he/she revised things well, kept himself/herself motivated.

Motivation plays a very important role here.

If you are thinking “I will just do well in boards this year, and try again for NEET next year”, then take thought out of your beautiful head, and throw that thought in a bin.

You can, and you will do very well in NEET 2018 only if you try hard enough, and I know you can.

Is it possible to score 550+ in NEET without coaching?

Yes, it is very much possible to score 550+ in NEET without coaching.

The role of a coaching centre, in the lives of many students, is undeniably important. But that does not mean that they are the only route to success.

The ingredients for scoring high in NEET are

  • Completing syllabus on time.
  • Revising syllabus at least once.
  • Practising many MCQs
  • Solving many NEET past year papers and sample papers
  • Confidence

So if you have these, there is no stopping you from doing well in NEET 2018.

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